Transparency (Open Budget Index) 34/100

The Government of Yemen provides the public with minimal budget information.

Public Participation 10/100 

The Government of Yemen is weak in providing the public with opportunities to engage in the budget process.

Budget Oversight 

By legislature 27/100

Budget oversight by the legislature in Yemen is weak.

By auditor 33/100

Budget oversight by the supreme audit institution in Yemen is weak.


Improving Transparency

Yemen should prioritize the following actions to improve budget transparency:

  • Publish a Pre-Budget Statement and an Audit Report.
  • Publish in a timely manner a Citizens Budget.
  • Produce and publish a Mid-Year Review.
Improving Participation

Yemen should prioritize the following actions to improve budget participation:

  • Establish credible and effective mechanisms (i.e., public hearings, surveys, focus groups) for capturing a range of public perspectives on budget matters.
  • Hold legislative hearings on the budgets of specific ministries, departments, and agencies at which testimony from the public is heard.
  • Establish formal mechanisms for the public to participate in audit investigations.
Improving Oversight

Yemen should prioritize the following actions to strengthen budget oversight:

  • Establish a specialized budget research office for the legislature.
  • In both law and practice, ensure the legislature is consulted prior to the virement of funds in the Enacted Budget and the spending of any unanticipated revenue.
  • Ensure the supreme audit institution has adequate funding to perform its duties, as determined by an independent body (e.g., the legislature or judiciary).