Godson Aloryito joined IBP in 2021 as the Budget Credibility Program Officer for Ghana. He has rich experience in Public Finance Analysis and Advocacy in Fiscal Transparency and Accountability. Prior to joining IBP, he worked as Resident Economist and Coordinator of the Economic Governance Platform, a CSOs’ coalition which influenced the design of Ghana’s recent stabilization program with the IMF by securing social protection programs and mainstreamed CSOs’ monitoring of their implementation as well as key structural fiscal reforms.

Godson recently, initiated and facilitated structured grassroot CSOs dialogue and advocacy with donor agencies such as the World Bank to promote social inclusion and citizens’ feedback on donor-funded projects in Ghana. He has consulted for the Institute of Development Studies, the World Bank and supported the commencement of SPARK in Ghana as a consultant.

Godson holds a B.A. and MPhil degrees in Economics from the University of Ghana and is currently a PhD candidate in Finance at the University of Ghana.