Open Budget Survey 2008

Feb 1, 2009

February 2009 | By International Budget Partnership

Open Budget Survey Report 2008The Open Budget Survey 2008 included 85 countries. Independent civil society researchers or research organizations collected the data, which was peer-reviewed and further analyzed by IBP staff.

The Open Budget Survey 2008 found that in most of the countries surveyed the public does not have access to the comprehensive and timely information needed to participate meaningfully in the budget process and to hold governments to account. Download resources below to learn more.

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Full Reports

The Open Budget Survey 2008 full report includes information on the Open Budget Survey research methodology, key findings, country budget transparency rankings, and more.

Key Findings

This abbreviated report focuses on key findings from the Open Budget Survey 2008.

Open Budget Index Rankings

The Open Budget Index assigns countries a transparency score on a 100-point scale using questions from the Open Budget Survey. It measures a country’s overall commitment to budget transparency and allows for comparisons among countries.


Learn more about the research methodology used for the Open Budget Survey 2008.


The Open Budget Survey 2008 Questionnaire consisted of 123 multiple-choice questions based on generally accepted good practices related to public financial management. Independent civil society researchers and peer reviewers completing the questionnaires were asked to provide evidence for their responses.

Questionnaire Guidelines

IBP provided researches in each of the 85 countries with the Survey questionnaires as well as these guidelines which described the method to be used in completing the questionnaire and defined the types of evidence to be provided.

Summary of Responses
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Open Budget Survey Results by Country

Open Budget Survey Report 2008