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In Their Own Words: Reform Champions Speak About Incentives for Fiscal Openness

High-level budget transparency and accountability champions from the governments of Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, Afghanistan, and South Africa discuss the impacts of the fiscal openness reforms they helped shape, and the challenges met along the way.

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Opening Budgets to Fight Climate Change

Funds intended to address the impacts of climate change come from both international and domestic public and private sources and most are, or will be, managed by governments through domestic budgeting systems. To ensure that those at the greatest risk from the impacts of climate change benefit from these scarce resources, budget transparency and accountability are essential.

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Taxes Matter in Transforming Lives

Civil society budget work that focuses on both sides of the budget — revenues and expenditures — can potentially transform debates over public services from what is possible within existing resources to what is needed to address poverty and inequality.

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New IBP Publication

tracking sustainable development goal spending

Tracking Spending on the Sustainable Development Goals: What Have We Learned from the Millennium Development Goals?

This Budget Brief explores how efforts to ensure the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can learn from work that was done to monitor how governments were spending public funds to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Drawing on experiences in 11 countries with budget systems that allowed for meaningful tracking of MDG spending, the brief presents good practices and lessons that can help to strengthen accountability for how governments use public resources to achieve the SDGs

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Further Reading From the Field

Rethinking Strategic Planning

Is it time to ditch the conventional strategic plan in favor of a strategic radar? And what might that look like? Oxfam’s Duncan Green, inspired by an IBP strategic planning session, explores this concept further on his From Poverty to Power blog.  

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