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Accountants With Opinions: How Can Government Audits Drive Accountability?

How can government auditors better fulfill their crucial function of holding the powerful to account? In November 2016 IBP convened a group of leading experts and practitioners from the field of government auditing to discuss how to make audits more impactful.

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Doing Accountability Differently in India

Budgets are complex. There are different actors operating at different levels with competing interests – often leading to accountability breakdowns. Look at how two IBP partners in India are “doing accountability differently” to ensure that budgets lead to improved public services.

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Balancing Act: An Online Tool for Capturing the Public’s Budget Priorities

Engaged Public has an interactive online tool – Balancing Act – that teaches citizens how budgets work and captures their input on budget priorities. Originally developed for U.S. audiences, Engaged Public is working to adapt the tool to different country contexts

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New IBP Publication

How Does Civil Society Use Budget Information?

Is there a mismatch between the budget information governments supply and that needed by civil society to engage in budget processes? This paper examines the “demand side” of fiscal transparency using findings from a global survey of 176 individuals who use budget information for analysis and advocacy activities. Based on the responses, authors Paolo de Renzio (IBP) and Massimo Mastruzzi (World Bank) reveal a “fiscal transparency effectiveness gap” between the fiscal information that governments often provide and the information that civil society needs.

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Further Reading From the Field

A New Light Shines on Africa

In recent years, governments in francophone Africa have taken concrete actions to shine more light on how they are raising and spending public money. In a piece for U.S. News and World Report, IBP’s Vivek Ramkumar and Warren Krafchik explain how these actions can lead to more effective efforts to address development issues in the region.

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