IBP has a long history of working in Kenya on a wide range of budget issues. Our thematic areas are increasing public understanding of and engagement with budgets, and budget transparency. We engage with civil society, media and government at both national and county level. Our work consists of research, technical assistance and training, and advocacy.

See how Kenya has performed in the Open Budget Survey.

How to Read and Use Budget Documents

View and download resources and guides to further your understanding of how to read and use key Kenya budget documents.
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Kenya National Budget

View and download materials describing and analyzing Kenya’s national budget process, budget presentation, budget legislation, and budget allocations and expenditures.
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Kenya County Budgets

View and download Kenya county budgets, tools for analyzing them, information about the Kenya county budget process, public participation at county level, our assessments of county budget transparency in Kenya, and analysis of specific Kenya county budgets.
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County Budget Transparency Survey

The County Budget Transparency Survey (CBTS) 2020 reflects an assessment of the key budget documents required to be produced by counties through the 2019/20 Financial Year and the types of information disclosed.
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Revenue Sharing

View and download resources related the division of revenue between Kenya’s national and county governments, as well as well as IBP Kenya’s analysis and recommendations related to the formula for sharing revenue among both levels of government.
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Work from our Partners

View and download work by IBP Kenya partners at the national and county level with specific relevance to budget transparency and public participation in budgeting.
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