Assessing Sector Budget Transparency

Assessing Sector Budget Transparency

Inspired by the work of civil society groups that analyze and monitor budget documents to find information on sector spending, this brief presents the results of a pilot assessment of budget transparency in the health and education sectors, which was implemented alongside the Open Budget Survey 2019.

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This brief is also available in Spanish and French.

School Building Fund Provides Lessons on Community Mobilization in Uganda

Nearly ten years ago, the government of Uganda established the Universal Primary Education Program, designed to boost classroom attendance and increase literacy and education rates throughout the country. In less than a decade, the policy generated dramatic results, more than doubling the number of students enrolled in primary schools from 2.9 million to 6.3 million children.

Reviewing South African Provincial Education Budgets, 2004 to 2010

This paper provides a review of national and provincial education budgets to: survey main expenditure trends in education; understand the social and fiscal contexts in which provincial education budgets are made; quantify progress in addressing input inequality; and analyze trends in spending on conditional grants. The paper tries to provide a description of the main trade-offs in provincial education budgets, and their potential impacts on learners in poor communities.