How are Upgrades to Informal Settlements Financed in South Africa’s Metropolitan Municipalities?

How are Upgrades to Informal Settlements Financed in South Africa’s Metropolitan Municipalities?

March 2017 | by Carlene Van der Westhuizen, IBP South Africa

upgrades to informal settlements in south africaFinancing the upgrading of informal settlements in South Africa is complex. However, understanding how this process works is very important because it enables civil society and local residents to engage with all three levels of government on the funding of informal settlement upgrading. Armed with this knowledge, civil society can engage the national government on whether enough money has been set aside for informal settlement upgrading and engage with metropolitan municipalities on whether they have used funding appropriately.

This brief draws on a review of relevant policy and budget documents as well as interviews with experts to present information about the financing of informal settlement upgrading in metropolitan municipalities in South Africa.



Samarthan’s Campaign to Improve Access to the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India

By Ramesh Awasthi (Mahila Sarvangeen Utkarsh Mandal).

This case study was updated in 2013. The full version and short summary are available in English.

In India the implementation of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), which guarantees a minimum of 100 days of unskilled work per year to every poor rural family that needs employment, has been ridden with bureaucratic glitches and widespread corruption. This case study examines a civil society campaign to address problems in the NREGA’s administration and mobilize people to demand work under the scheme.

The full version (August 2011), short summary (August 2011), and one page summary (August 2011) of this case study are available in English. Summaries (August 2011) are also available in Spanish, French, Chinese, and Arabic.

Who’s In Charge? Devolution May Fail Without Clear Division of Roles

These papers were produced by six organizations in Kenya along with the IBP to look at the challenges of the process of dividing up roles and finances between Kenyan national and county government under the new devolved system. There are five background papers, each written on a different sector, and a short synthesis paper.

The synthesis paper and the background papers on the Agriculture, Health, and Housing sectors are currently available. The additional background papers on the Education and Water sectors will be available here soon. Visit for all of our materials on Kenya.