Beyond Data: A Panorama of CSO Experiences with PRSP and HIPC Monitoring

This paper examines civil society organizations’ (CSOs) experiences monitoring Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers and Highly Indebted Poor Country expenditures in several countries, including Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia. It provides detailed descriptions of CSOs monitoring structures and evaluates the ability of CSOs to monitor effectively. The study concludes that limited access to data, a lack of skilled human resources, and a lack of political will constitute major challenges to the deepening and expanding of CSOs monitoring activities. It also argues that CSOs monitoring is valuable for reasons beyond its effects on fund management, including its contributions to community empowerment and the decentralization of power.

Mission Driven, Results Oriented Budgeting

This report, released in 1993, examines ways to improve the budgeting process, making it more reflective of government priorities and more focused on attaining specific results. It creates the framework for changing the management culture in the federal government to focus on results, quality, and customer service.

Towards Better Governance: Public Service Reform in New Zealand (1984-94) and its Relevance to Canada

This study focuses on the reform of the core public service in New Zealand. It examines the principal stages of a decade of reforms, including commercialization, corporatization, and restructuring undertaken primarily over the period from 1984 to 1987, fundamental changes in the approach to management and accountability, begun in 1988 and 1989, and more recent initiatives which have perpetuated and consolidated the reforms.